Love ?

‚ÄčThere she sat under her favourite tree

Writing harshly

Tears streaming down her face

A cool breeze sang

Lush green trees

Swaying & Singing along

Blue sky oh so amazing

Bright white clouds dancing too

Endless green grass, so soft

A wonderful parallel universe

Yet a Strom brewed inside her Mind

She shouted, “I don’t believe in Love anymore.”

A sparrow was watching her for a while it sprang down from the branch

She looked up startled

The sparrow tweeted softly yet curiously,

“Are you afraid of love darling ?”

A small chuckle left her lips,

” I am not afraid. I have fallen in love plenty of times.”

Puzzled the sparrow asked again,

” Then why were you saying you don’t believe in love ?”

Her smile vanished as she stared out at something in the distance, deep thinking

” I was the only one the falling.” 



  • I’m getting scared
    Scared of growing up
    They are everywhere..
    Judging, Misleading,
    Cruel, Bossy, Snobby
    and many more words to say..
    I know they can’t do anything to me
    With my consent all they seek
    Discriminating, Dominating
    On the Clothes I wear ?
    The way I speak ?
    The way I walk ?
    Skinny or Fat ?
    The way I am ?
    They are the monsters of my dreams
    They are the monsters to crush my dreams
    yet …
    They are two sides to a coin..
    They are also Loving
    As caring as a Mother
    Happy, Kind..
    Wise, Carefree as Child
    Helpful, Confident,
    Brave, Dreamers ..
    They are Teachers,
    They are Friends,
    They are Family,
    They are mentors,
    They are acquaintances ..
    Who bless me with everything I want !
    They Smile at me with apriciation
    They find a Friend in me
    They find a Sister in me
    They take me as I am
    And they are …
    People 👭👬